Interpersonal Skills collection

Interpersonal Skills collection

Learn from all videos in our interpersonal skills collection. You'll see how to have the perfect handshake, introduce yourself and others, understand the cultural differences with social kissing, move in and out of a group, include bystanders and strangers, as well as start a conversation without offending anyone.

Interpersonal Skills collection

8 Videos

  • The perfect handshake and introducing others

    William Hanson from The English Manner shows you how to give the perfect handshake and how to introduce yourself to other people.

  • Social kissing

    Myka Meier from Beaumont Etiquette explains about the culture differences with social kissing and hugging. Do you know how many times to kiss in New York as opposed to London?

  • Small talk and topics to avoid

    William Hanson from The English Manner discuss the good and bad topics for making conversation.

  • Moving into a group

    Emma Dupont from The English Manner explains how to recognise and read body language to enable you to move easily into groups at parties and networking events.

  • Introducing other people

    William Hanson from The English Manner explains and demonstrates how to introduce people based on age, gender and rank for social and business settings.

  • Leaving a group

    Emma Dupont from The English Manner shows how to politely leaving a group at a social drinks party or a business conference.

  • Business name badges

    William Hanson and Diana Mather from The English Manner reveal the rules of name badges for business and corporate events. Do you know which side to display yours?

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