Posture and Appearance collection

Posture and Appearance collection

Learn from all videos in our posture and presence collection. You'll learn why we need to worry about deportment, how to walk elegantly, how to modestly enter and exit a car, how to sit, stand and read the most frequently seen body language signals. Plus, be prepared as to how to greet The Queen or a member of the royal family with our video on bowing and curtseying.

Posture and Appearance collection

9 Videos

  • Why do we need good posture?

    We explain why it is important we stand, sit and walk properly - and what exactly does 'deportment' mean?

  • Walking

    Diana Mather from The English Manner

  • Sitting Properly

    Myka Meier from Beaumont Etiquette talks about how to sit in a chair with poise and gravitas. She shows the rights and wrongs for men and women.

  • Standing Tall

    Myka Meier, William Hanson and Diana Mather show how to stand properly for men and women.

  • Getting in and out of a car

    Myka Meier from Beaumont Etiquette shows how to get in an out of a car whilst protecting your modesty.

  • Royal bowing and curtseying

    Diana Mather from The English Manner shows how to perfect a bow and curtsey for when meeting The Queen or any member of the British royal family.

  • Body language signals

    Diana Mather from The English Manner explains how to identify positive and negative body language signals.

  • Tying a neck tie

    William Hanson from The English Manner demonstrates how to tie a man’s neck tie in the half-Windsor knot style.

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